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Undergraduate Resource Center Mission Statement

The Undergraduate Resource Center serves as a cross-functional team which compliments classroom learning and equips students with the necessary tools to succeed in their life and career endeavors.

In pursuit of the URC mission and goals, we are committed to building relationships by:

  • Promoting an environment of diversity and mutual respect
  • Supporting students through academic planning
  • Providing professional and career development
  • Serving as a liaison to the university and community resources

Purpose Statement

The Undergraduate Resource Center, in partnership with our business students, provides guidance in the areas of advising, career services, study abroad and student enrichment. We collaborate with students encouraging active participation and positive learning experiences. Student success ultimately rests in student hands in the planning and execution of their academic and career objectives.

Resource Center Objectives

  • Provide students with the opportunity to actively create their educational experience
  • Create an environment where students learn responsibility and accountability
  • Assist students experiencing academic difficulty
  • Prepare students for experiences outside of the classroom
  • Encourage critical thinking and multiple options for goal setting and completion
  • Create relationships between faculty, staff and members of other university departments
  • Communicate effectively with prospective students, current students and their families

URC Staff Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations

  • We will strive to provide students with accurate and relevant information
  • We will demonstrate use of advising and enrichment tools such as APEX, myUK, check sheets, schedule books, bulletins, GPA calculators, online applications and forms
  • We will explain institutional & departmental policies, procedures and services
  • We will actively listen to your questions and concerns
  • We will assist you in establishing goals
  • We will refer you to campus services, organizations, faculty and staff that will assist you with the attainment of your goals and academic pursuits
  • We will maintain confidentiality
  • We will be ethical and professional and treat each student with respect

Student Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Arrive on time and prepared for scheduled appointments
  • Notify the URC if they are unable to attend a scheduled appointment
  • Educate themselves about available resources
  • Ask questions and be honest with staff regarding individual needs
  • Take responsibility for their academic progress
  • Be thoughtful active participants regarding their educational pursuits
  • Check university email and the Gatton website for important notices, announcements and events
  • Students who are at-risk for probation/suspension or experiencing academic difficulty will seek assistance at the first sign of problems
  • Students will treat staff with respect

Students in the Gatton College of Business & Economics are divided into two categories to facilitate the processing of information regarding academic progress: Pre-major and Upper Division. The following information is designed to help clarify some policies and procedures


  • Freshman advising is available prior to each semester and includes assistance with schedule building, APEX demonstrations and resource information
  • Ask your advisor about repeat options
  • Students who have completed all but two pre-major courses and have met the GPA requirements are eligible for a contract to enroll in select upper-division courses. See your advisor.
  • Talk with your advisor about a double major or a minor
  • Students transferring from other colleges on campus must have an individual session with an advisor as a condition of transfer to B&E
  • Research Gatton student organizations
  • Visit the LEAP lab for tutoring in Economics and Accounting
  • This is a great time to talk with staff about our exciting study abroad program
  • Talk with career services about experiential education and career development

Upper Division

Once students have completed pre-major requirements and maintained a 2.8 pre-major and cumulative GPA, students can apply for upper-division status with assistance from their academic advisor.  This is a great time to talk with staff about our exciting study abroad program or talk with career services about an internship. Remember to read the URC Announcements to keep abreast of what you need to do in your senior year in order to graduate on time.

Faculty Advisors

Upper division Gatton students are assigned an academic advisor in the URC to help them select coursework to achieve their goals. Students should consult faculty for information on research and internship opportunities. Find a faculty advisor depending upon your major:


434B Gatton



433B Gattpm



238B Gatton



433B Gatton



438B Gatton



433B Gatton



Other advising resources include the URC Newsletter posted on the URC website and sent via e-mail to every Gatton student,  additional e-mail correspondence that will be sent to your UK email regarding scholarships, APEX, University Bulletin, registration windows, scheduling classes and the Graham Office of Career Management.

Room: 144 Gatton College of Business and Economics Building
Hours: 8 am - 4:30 pm Monday through Friday
Phone: 859.257.4627

Apex: The Degree Audit System

Students may also use Apex, an online degree audit system to assist with planning coursework and degree completion to:

  • View your current degree plan and find out where you stand in obtaining your degree
  • View "what if" scenarios when planning upcoming course selections
  • See lists and descriptions of courses that complete degree requirements
  • Map out your plan for degree completion

If you find errors in Apex, please contact your advisor.

Dean's List:

Students who have a term gpa of 3.6 or greater have earned a position on the Dean's list. You will receive a letter from the Dean via email and the Dean's List designation will appear on your transcript for the term or terms in which it was received.  The Dean's list is available online at UK Public Relations News.

To get the most from your advisor:

  • make appointments so your advisor has sufficient time for you
  • write down your questions
  • share your goals, report academic problems, talk about your successes
  • be assertive, ask questions
  • keep a record of your academic progress
  • read the rules and requirements that affect you in the University Bulletin

Information for Parents

We strive for each to student to be academically, professionally, and culturally prepared to transition from college into their professional working life. We call this World Ready. At Gatton, we believe that achieving this goal is a partnership between your student, Gatton College, and you. Recent research has shown that parental guidance and advice in a student's college experience is not surprisingly correlated with the student's success in college. Students also need to take ownership and responsibility for their academic progress.

The Gatton College must provide the necessary knowledge, skills, and support to assist them in identifying, developing, and achieving their aspirations. Through this partnership we hope to work towards providing the best possible college experience for our students.

While we can discuss general policies and procedures at the university as they might affect your student, we are precluded by The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, to share details of your students' academic progress without their signed consent. Please reference the Registrar's web site for details of the University of Kentucky's privacy policy.


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