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Bachelor Degrees in Economics

The Bachelor of Science in Business Economics (BSBE) program in the Gatton College pairs a strong grounding in business with economics. Students will learn about accounting, finance and management while also discovering how to forecast general economic conditions, estimate trends, analyze data, and use economic theory to help their organization operate more efficiently. Many of Gatton's economics majors go onto graduate school, management training programs, careers in government and business with organizations as diverse as Summit Energy, the FBI, and Teach for America. Students are encouraged to get involved in the Economic Society.

Degree Requirements

To earn the Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, students in the Gatton College of Business and Economics must fulfill University Studies requirements (students enrolled prior to Fall 2011) or UKCore requirements (students enrolled Fall 2011 on), the College premajor, College core requirements and major requirements.

This degree requires a minimum 120 semester hours. Students must complete the premajor courses for Economics majors and at least 24 credit hours of upper-division coursework from the School of Economics.

Minimum Total Hours: 120

There are several different sets of requirements to earn a BS with a major in Economics. These include:

University Studies Requirements

UK Core Requirements

Premajor Requirements

College Core Requirements

Economic Major Requirements:

ECO 401 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (3)
ECO 402 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (3)
ECO 499 Seminar in Economics (3)
Upper-Level elective in Gatton College (3) *(select one three hour ACC, DIS, FIN, MGT or MKT course)
ECO electives   (12)

Economics Degree Four Year Plan for students under UK Core requirements, students enrolled starting Fall 2011

Course Flow Chart

Examples of Careers in Economics:

  • Economic Forecaster of overall economic conditions
  • Researcher/Analyst for government agencies
  • Teaching in public schools or higher education
  • Consultant on legal cases involving antitrust, legal liability, damages, regulation and discrimination.

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