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Bachelor in Business Administration - Marketing

Marketing specialists manage products and product lines, locate customers, close sales, and establish distribution systems. Students in the marketing program benefit from dedicated faculty who work closely with students to develop communication skills, an understanding of the psychology of consumer behavior, and expertise in research and computer-based tools for marketing analysis. Marketing graduates can find themselves in careers ranging from marketing research, promotions, logistics, and sales positions and with organizations as diverse as Enterprise Rental Car and Marathon Petroleum, and pharmaceutical sales.

A suggested course to explore this career path is MKT 300.

Degree Requirements

To earn the bachelor of business administration (BBA) degree in marketing, students in the Gatton College of Business and Economics must fulfill University Studies requirements (students enrolled prior to Fall 2011) or UKCore requirements (student enrolled Fall 2011 on), the College premajor and major requirements, and College core requirements.

Minimum Total Hours: 120

There are several different sets of requirements to earn a BBA with a major in marketing. These include:

University Studies Program Requirements

UK Core Requirements

Pre-major Requirements

College Core Requirements

Departmental Major Requirements:

Requirements for the marketing major consist of at least 18 credit hours. There are three required courses:

MKT 310 Consumer Behavior (3)
MKT 340 Introductory Marketing Research (3)
MKT 450 Marketing Strategy and Planning (3)

The remaining nine (9) credit hours are selected from:

MKT 320 Retail and Distribution Management (3)
MKT 330 Promotion Management (3)
MKT 390 Special Topics in Marketing (Subtitle required) (1-6)
MKT 410 Personal Selling (3)
MKT 430 Services Marketing Management (3)
MKT 435 International Marketing (3)
MKT 445 Sports Marketing (3)

In addition, courses covering contemporary problems in marketing are frequently offered to provide students with insight into the changing marketing environment.

All course offerings are subject to availability of faculty and teaching assistants, and to sufficient student enrollment. Summer offerings are also subject to the level of funding provided by the University''''''''s summer school program.


Marketing Degree Four Year Plan for Students under UK Core requirements, students enrolled starting Fall 2011

Course Flow Chart

Examples of Careers in Marketing:

  • Brand/Product Management
  • Marketing Research Analyst
  • Sales Representative
  • Advertising/Promotion
  • Service & Sales Management
  • Retail Manager
  • Sports Marketing
  • Hospitality Management

Helpful websites include:


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