employer overview

Additional Partnership Opportunities

Outside of the typical recruiting events, employers are also valuable partners in helping student prepare for their career paths. The following opportunities are ways to further develop a company’s brand on campus and get an early view of potential candidates.

  • Resume Critiques: Employers are brought throughout the school year during resume review events. Students value the feedback recruiters provide on their resume from their industry perspectives.
  • Mock Interviews: Students value the opportunity to practice interviewing with employers. It gives them a more authentic practice experience. Employers are involved in several mock interview events during the year.
  • Events with Student Organizations: Staff from the Graham Office of Career Management can assist employers in getting connected with business related student organizations to collaborate on events and meetings. Student organizations provide a great way to build awareness among students.
  • Specialty Workshops: Employers often serve as panelists for our workshops offered throughout the school year. Students appreciate the first-hand information on career opportunities and entry requirements within their industry.

Contact the Graham Office of Career Management to learn more about upcoming events we can get you plugged into.