John Garen

BB&T Professor of Economics

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Address: Department of Economics                                        
Gatton College of Business and Economics                            
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0034
Office: 335AZ Business and Economics Building
Phone: (859) 257-3581
Fax: (859) 323-1920


Vita supplement

Founding Director and current affiliate, Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise

BB&T Program for the Study of Capitalism

Some Recent Research Papers
Trust and the Growth of Government
see the related op-ed here that appeared in the Orange County Register, the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Lexington Herald-Leader, and the Buffalo News).

Trust in Goverment and the Growth of Government:  Evidence on Their Coevolution

“Government Cronyism and the Erosion of the Public’s Trust:  An Exploratory and Cautionary Essay,” Mercatus Center Research Paper, October 11, 2012.

An Organizations and Incentives Critique of the Literature on Teacher Pay and School Governance

“School Choice and School Discipline: Why We Should Expect the Former to Improve the Latter,” Journal of School Choice, 8(4), December 2014. (abstract)

The Early Effects of the Affordable Care Act on the Individual Health Insurance Market:  Insurance Plan Availability and Premiums (abstract)

The Labor Market Reward for Political Connections:  The Case of Communist Party Membership in China, 1988-1999

Dangling at the Abyss:  How Deadweight Costs and Political Attitudes May Prevent (of Induce) Collapse

Forced to Policy Extremes: Political Economy, Property Rights, and ‘Not in My Backyard (NIMBY)

On Fairness and Needs in a Free Enterprise Economy (and the powerpoint presentation here.  Also at

Some Public Presentations
Productivity or Dependency:  What is Government’s Role in Promoting an Economy and How is Kentucky Doing?, April 2014.

Free Enterprise, Monetary Wealth, and Non-Monetary Wealth, April 2014.

An Overview and Thoughts on Healthcare Reform, March 2013.

Medicaid:  An Overview and Assessment of Spending and Outcomes, February 10, 2012.

Learning About Economic Freedom

Assorted Non-Technical Writing

Some Recent Teaching
ECO 410, Capitalism and Other Social Systems, Spring 2015. Syllabus.
ECO 732, Labor Economics II (graduate), Spring 2015. Syllabus.

ECO 610, Managerial Economics (MBA), Fall 2014. Syllabus. 
ECO 601, Advanced Microeconomic Theory (graduate), Fall 2013. Syllabus.

Undergraduate Activities
BB&T Learning Laboratory on Capitalism, Spring 2014.  Book/event/discussion group.
BB&T Learning Laboratory on Capitalism, Fall 2013.  Book/event/discussing group.

BB&T Learning Laboratory on Capitalism, Spring 2013.  Book/event/discussion group.
BB&T Learning Laboratory on Capitalism, Fall 2012.  Book/event/discussing group.

BB&T Learning Laboratory on Capitalism, Spring 2012.  Book/event/discussion group.
BB&T Learning Laboratory on Capitalism, Fall 2011.  Book/event/discussing group.

Learning Economics from Youtube

Other Courses Taught

ECO 479, Public Economics:  Syllabus

ECO 401,  Intermediate Microeconomic Theory:  Syllabus

ECO 477, Labor Economics (undergraduate): Syllabus

ECO 499, Law and Economics (undergraduate):  Syllabus 

ECO 411, Business Economics (undergraduate):  Syllabus

ECO 710, Economics of Organizations (graduate):  Syllabus

Some Non-Technical Writing  

Financial Markets                                
Macroeconomic Topics (with micro thinking)
Financial Mkts. Meltdown                     Economics and Politics of the Stimulus
Fannie and Freddie                             
Stimulus Spending                                  
Financial Mkts. and Capitalism          
Economic Recovery      
 The Auto Bailout
                                                                The Summer 2008 Economy                    

The Environment & Energy
School Choice (lengthy report)                                                $ for the Environment
    (or see               Global Warming    
School Reform                                                                           Energy and Food Prices        
Higher Education                                                                       Energy Independence
Labor Economics                        Political Economy                        
Minimum Wage                           Boondoggle Spending                  
Health Care 
Labor Market Mandates             Wal-Mart                                        
Smart Growth    
Outsourcing                                  Nov. 2006 Election                        Affordable Housing                   
Globalization & Jobs                                                                            Price Regulation