Kenneth R. Troske

William B. Sturgill Professor of Economics

Director, Center for Business and Economic Research

Published Papers:

“Technology Adoption and Workforce Skill in U.S. Manufacturing Plants,” (with Timothy Dunne), Scottish Journal of Political Economy, (July 2005): 387-405.

“Welfare to Temporary Work: Implications for Labor Market Outcomes,” (with Carolyn J. Heinrich and Peter Mueser), Review of Economics and Statistics, (February 2005): 154-173.

“Wage and Productivity Dispersion in U.S. Manufacturing: The Role of Computer Investment,” (with Timothy Dunne, Lucia Foster, and John Haltiwanger), Journal of Labor Economics, (April 2004): 397-430.

"New Evidence on Sex Segregation and Sex Differences in Wages from Matched Employer-Employee Data," (with Kimberly Bayard, Judith Hellerstein, and David Neumark) Journal of Labor Economics, (October 2003): 887-922.

"Market Forces and Sex Discrimination," (with Judith Hellerstein and David Neumark) Journal of Human Resources, Vol. 37, (Spring 2002): 353-380.

“The Relative Importance of Employer and Employee Effects on Compensation: A Comparison of France and the United States,” (with John Abowd, Francis Kramarz and David Margolis) Journal of Japanese and International Economies, Vol. 15, (December 2001): 419-436.

“The New Worker Establishment Characteristics Database,” (with Kimberly Bayard, Judith Hellerstein and David Neumark) in Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Establishment Surveys (Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association, 2000): 981-990. 

"Politiques salariales et performances des entreprises: une comparaison France / Etats-Unis," [Corporate Wage Policies and Performance: Comparing France with the United States] (in French with John Abowd, Francis Kramarz, and David Margolis), Economie et Statistique, No. 332-333 (Feb/March 2000): 27-38. 

"Increasing Wage Dispersion in U.S. Manufacturing: Plant-Level Evidence on the Role of Trade and Technology," (with J. Bradford Jensen), in Albert Fishlow and Karen Parker, eds. Growing Apart: The Causes and Consequences of Global Wage Inequality (New York: Council on Foreign Relations, 1999): 118-148.

"Wages, Productivity, and Worker Characteristics: Evidence from Plant-Level Production Functions and Wage Equations," (with Judith K. Hellerstein and David Neumark), Journal of Labor Economics, Vol. 17 (July 1999): 409-446.

"Why are Racial and Ethnic Wage Gaps Larger for Men than for Women?  Exploring the Role of Segregation Using the New Worker-Establishment Characteristics Database," (with Kimberly Bayard, Judith Hellerstein and David Neumark), in John Haltiwanger, Julia Lane, James Spletzer, Jules Theeuwes, and Kenneth Troske, eds. The Creation and Analysis of Employer-Employee Matched Data (Amsterdam: Elsevier Science B.V., 1999): 175-204.

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"Interfirm Racial Segregation and the Black/White Wage Gap," (with William J. Carrington), Journal of Labor Economics, Vol. 16 (April 1998): 231-260.

"Sex Segregation in U.S. Manufacturing," (with William J. Carrington), Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Vol. 51 (April 1998): 445-464. 

"On Measuring Segregation in Samples with Small Units," (with William J. Carrington), Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Vol. 15 (October 1997): 402-409. 

"Technology and Jobs: Secular Change and Cyclical Dynamics," (with Timothy Dunne and John Haltiwanger), The Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy, Vol. 46 (June 1997): 107-178.

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"The Dynamic Adjustment Process of Firm Entry and Exit in Manufacturing, and Finance, Insurance and Real Estate," Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. 39 (October 1996): 705-735.

"Using Longitudinal Data on Establishments to Analyze the Effects of Union Organizing Campaigns in the United States," (with Robert J. LaLonde and Gerald Marschke), Annales D’Économie et de Statistique, Vol. 41/42 (June 1996): 155-187.

"Gender Segregation in Small Firms," (with William J. Carrington), Journal of Human Resources, Vol. 30 (Summer 1995): 503-533.



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