Kristine Watson Hankins

William E. Seale Professor of Finance
University of Kentucky


Corporate Responses to Fragility,
with Richard Friberg and Itay Goldstein

Journal of Financial Economics, Forthcoming

Risk Management,
with Jerry Hoberg

Handbook on Corporate Finance, Edited by Dave Denis, 2023

Why Are Companies Sitting on So Much Cash?,
with Mitchell Petersen

Harvard Business Review (online), 2020

Understanding the Rise in Corporate Cash: Precautionary Savings or Foreign Taxes,
with Mike Faulkender and Mitchell Petersen

Review of Financial Studies, 2019

- Lead article, Editor's Choice

Risk Management with Supply Contracts,
with Heitor Almeida and Ryan Williams

Review of Financial Studies, 2017

- GARP Risk Management Research Program Award

The Cost of Financial Flexibility: Evidence from Share Repurchases, with Alice Bonaim and Brad Jordan

Journal of Corporate Finance, 2016

- Paul Woolley Conference Runner-up Best Paper Prize

Financial Flexibility, Risk Management, and Payout Choice,
with Alice Bonaim and Jarrad Harford

Review of Financial Studies, 2014

Estimating Dynamic Panel Models in Corporate Finance,
with Mark Flannery

Journal of Corporate Finance, 2013 (lead article)

- Emerald Citation of Excellence Award, recognizing the 50 most influential papers published in 300 management journals

Cash Flows and Leverage Adjustments,
with Michael Faulkender, Mark Flannery, and Jason Smith

Journal of Financial Economics 2012

- Winner of 2012 Jensen Prize (2nd place) for the best paper in the areas of Corporate Finance and Organizations

The Role of Risk Management in Mergers and Waves,
with Jon Garfinkel

Journal of Financial Economics 2011

- Reprinted in Mergers and Acquisitions, edited by Harold Mulherin, Edward Elgar Publishing

How Do Financial Firms Manage Risk? Unraveling the Interaction of Financial and Operational Hedging

Management Science 2011

The Effect of Fiduciary Standards on Institutional Investors Preference for Dividend-Paying Stocks,
with Mark Flannery and M. Nimalendran

Financial Management 2008

Working Papers

Does Trade Policy Affect Consumer Credit? The Role of Captive Finance Lenders,
with Morteza Momeni and David Sovich

- R&R, American Economic Review

- FOM-Yale Conference 2023

- MFA Conference 2023

- Michigan State FCU Conference 2022

- UBC Summer Finance Conference 2022

- Indiana University Finance Conference 2022

- FRA Early Ideas Session 2021

Do Firms Hedge During Distress?,
with Heitor Almeida and Ryan Williams

- Ohio State University Center for the Middle Market Research Grant

- FSU SunTrust Beach Conference

- Toronto Rotman Financial Innovation and Risk Management Conf

- FIRS Conference

- ITAM Finance Conference

- GARP Best Paper -European Financial Management Association

- RCFS/RAPS Winter Conference 2020

- Cavalcade 2020

- EFA 2020